Blake Construction & Remodeling performs a variety of residential services to include: kitchen, bath, and basement remodels; garage conversion and additions; roofing, siding, and drywall servicing; wall additions and removals, including structural beam installations; deck, pergola, and gazebo additions; Koi pond and in-ground pool renovations; teardowns and demolitions; and many others.

General Carpentry

Concrete & Masonry

BC&R excels in general carpentry through decades of experience in the construction business. Understanding building structures aids in moving load-bearing walls, through the installion of beams and girders in remodeling projects.  This structural understanding also facilitates custom-designed
multi-level decks, pergolas, and gazebos. Decades of framing and foundation work provides the background for additions and garages.
BC&R also has decades of masonry experience installing block, brick, veneer, stone, and concrete in a variety of forums: walls, ledges, headers, piers, forms, fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, and siding. The company has a good understanding of jointing, flashing, weephole placement, anchors, ties, reinforcements materials, control joints,  and mortor mixtures, all of which assures a long-lasting repair or new project finish.

Roofing, Gutters, and Ventilation

Tile, Marble, and Wood Flooring

BC&R can install any type of asphalt shingles and has experience repairing clay tile roofing. While re-roofing an old house, we can remove a sagging ridge line by removing the roof sheathing and replacing warped joists, including the ridge board, if necessary. Other areas of expertise include Fascia, vented Soffit, all types of gutters, and roofing ventilation. 
BC&R provides a wide variety of options in flooring, from new wood floor installations to complete hardwood stripping and refinishing services. We install ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tile and find that porcelain offers greater durability, natural stain resistance, and through-bodied color. Marble tile of all types adds to the elegance of larger homes.

Drywall, Paint, and Finishing Trim

Siding, Trim, and Fenestration

BC&R works with drywall, from 1/4" to 3/4" in thickness, comprising of fire grade, regular, and wet environments (Greenboard). Finish trim includes Base, Casing, and Crown moldings, and Window Sills, Door thresholds, and stairway trim.
We are experienced in many types of siding, including Vinyl, brick, and wood siding, which come in many forms: board & batten, clapboard, T&G, plywood & T111, and hardboard siding. Fenestration work includes windows, doors, vents, and skylights.