Complete Roof Replacement

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  1. Managing Director
    Final Look.
    The worst roof on the house, which had a five-inch sag was completely removed and new 25-year shingles added.
  2. Managing Director
    Final Look.
    The roofline from the ground, showing a straight, even line with little or no roof sag.
  3. Managing Director
    Roofing Completion.
    During re-shingling, we re-calculate the necessary ventilation per modern codes and add additional roof ventilation per Michigan Code Specifications.
  4. Managing Director
    Asphalt Shingling.
    New shingles are installed overtop a vapor barrier (roofing paper).
  5. Managing Director
    After all structural members needing replacement are completed, new roof sheathing in installed.
  6. Managing Director
    Rebuild Stage Nearing Completion.
    Nearly all structural joists now in place, with a re-supported ridge beam.
  7. Managing Director
    Rebuild Stage.
    New sixteen-footer structural roofing members placed into position to rebuild the entire structural roof.
  8. Managing Director
    Analysis Stage.
    Another look from overtop the bedroom areas. All joists were rotted and warped over three inches from an axial centerline.
  9. Managing Director
    Analysis Stage.
    Any further analysis is done to determine how many new roof joists are going to be installed. Here, all roof joists were replaced.
  10. Managing Director
    Teardown Stage.
    All roof sheathing is removed to expose rotten and warped roof joists.
  11. Managing Director
    Original Condition.
    Notice the bow in the roof line at the ridge. This is an indicator of moisture in the attic, which leads to rotting structural timber and roof sag.
  12. Managing Director
    Original Condition.
    Roof was severely leaking and had rotted tarps which had torn in heavy winds.