Re-building Main Entryway

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  1. Managing Director
    Original Entry
    Prior to teardown. Notice the "Z" entry; one door opens left and the other opens right.
  2. Managing Director
    Main Entry from inside
    After teardown of the old 1/8" laminate tile entry, we added full ceramic tile.
  3. Managing Director
    Replacing Door
    After tile, we protected with a thick paper layer, then replaced the doorway.
  4. Managing Director
    Door Trim
    A nice doorway glass provides some ambient light and design. New door casing added.
  5. Managing Director
    Entryway from inside the home, with carpeting installed. Notice doors open correctly now.
  6. Managing Director
    Final Inside Look
    Coat hangers installed behind door. Least problematic location, as home did not have a closet. Permit posted in window.