Re-building Main Entryway

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  1. Managing Director
    Exterior Finish Look
    Door from the outside of the home with exterior lighting.
  2. Managing Director
    Original Entry
    Prior to teardown.
  3. Managing Director
    Main Entry from inside
    Double doors restricted area inside and left no room for a closet.
  4. Managing Director
    Rough Construction
    Framing for an entryway which is offset from the living area.
  5. Managing Director
    Drywall Work
    Pulling the old door and installing drywall on the rough framing.
  6. Managing Director
    Trim Work
    Entryway from inside the home, with large coat closet and finish trim installed.
  7. Managing Director
    Final Inside Look
    Single door, which cuts down on winter drafts and allows more light in through the sidelights.