Complete Kitchen Remodel

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  1. Managing Director
    Dinette Area.
    Original condition of dinette area immediately off kitchen.
  2. Managing Director
    Rough Prep.
    Window trim and baseboards removed, as well as any wallpaper.
  3. Managing Director
    Ceiling was dropping from water damage caused by leaking roof. Drywall had to be re-seated and screwed back to ceiling joists.
  4. Managing Director
    Prime stage.
    After repairs, priming brings back a desirable look.
  5. Managing Director
    Ready for Trim.
    Final paint readies windows for casing trim.
  6. Managing Director
    Final Look.
    After all trim work is completed, the dinette is ready to use.
  7. Managing Director
    Rough Framing
    Old kitchen wall offset to reduce kitchen space and allow for an extra half-bath and laundry room behind the wall.
  8. Managing Director
    More Rough Framing
    Entryway to kitchen-dining area.
  9. Managing Director
    Dryway Work
    After electrical and plumbing added, drywall work closes up rough carpentry and prepares for priming/painting.
  10. Managing Director
    New Maple cabinetry set level ready for countertops.
  11. Managing Director
    Final Kitchen
    Complete with cabinet crown molding and stainless appliances.
  12. Managing Director
    Spice Rack.
    Added feature to a gas stove is a custom spice rack.