Photo Gallery

The final work photo of a project is featured below. Select the photo and a pop-up window will present a slideshow of intermediate work stages of the project and provide the viewer  with a glimpse of the  vast skillsets Blank Construction & Remodeling possesses to accomlish many arduous tasks. BC&R is committed to precision and quality, as well as comforming to state and local building codes to ensure the highest of safety requirements, the durability of use, and the best resale value a home owner can expect to achieve. All work is performed by a Michigan Licensed Residential Builder, or his crewmen.
Click on a photo for a progressive series
Notice:  This photo gallery is composed mostly of photo shoots of renovation projects from homes Mr. Blake or his corporate entites have owned in the past. Although the company retains progress photos from every project for the convenience of the homeowner, Mr. Blake believes that a person's home is his/her castle and along with that ownership right comes an absolute right to privacy. Unless a waiver of privacy is signed by the homeowner, photo shoots will not show up on this website and rarely does Mr. Blake pursue those waivers. This photo gallery is simply a non-exclusive representation of the type and quality of work he has performed in order to give a viewer an idea of the breadth of his experience.