Complete Bathroom Remodel

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  1. Managing Director
    Emptying Room
    More 1/4" drywall added overtop existing drywall to "smooth" out problems attempting to "mask" over problems.
  2. Managing Director
    Emptying Room
    This was condition of bathroom after someone had attempted to lay 1/4" drywall overtop of existing drywall to hide the mess.
  3. Managing Director
    Emptying Room
    After removing objects around bathroom, the tub and enclosure was stained and messy.
  4. Managing Director
    Original Bathroom.
    Condition of bathroom prior to teardown. Bathtub, sink, and toilet were nonfunctional in this foreclosure home.
  5. Managing Director
    Tear Down
    After emptying bathroom and revealing a rotting subfloor, it was soon discovered that the floor joists were also rotting.
  6. Managing Director
    Rebuld Stage
    As anticipated, the joists were rotting through and new sister joists and replacement joists were added to rebuild the flooring structure.
  7. Managing Director
    Rebuild Stage
    Not only were new joists added, but the cast iron toilet flange was removed and a modern PVC flange added to facilitate toilet maintenance.
  8. Managing Director
    The stained, messy bathtub was acid washed and cleaned up, and the tub/shower valve rebuilt.
  9. Managing Director
    New Additions
    A new toilet and vanity were added, after moisture resistant flooring added. Thick floor paper protects the new floor until the crew finalizes the job.
  10. Managing Director
    Final Touches
    A mirror which matches the vanity is added, as well as switch cover plates.